Attention Female Entrepreneurs!

Uncover what's Really at the Core of 
Underwhelming Business Results!


You’re not alone! There are 1,000’s of Female entrepreneurs like you who are experiencing underwhelming business results. All too quickly, we start to lose our confidence and don't dare to risk taking imperfect action to achieve our dream business.


This e-book takes you on an exploration of:

  • What courage means for the female entrepreneur!
  • How our thoughts about risk can stop us in our tracks!
  • How to feel confident with considered Risk.
  • Integrating your new understandings and use this to create success in your business!
  • Celebrate the rewards you experience.

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What Clients are saying about My Coaching

"Catalyst to a massive shift in my paradigms"

Linda Conyard has been the catalyst to a massive shift in my paradigms, both professionally and personally. I thought my corporate career was as finely tuned as I could hope for when I sought Linda’s help on a personal issue. A few months later my business life has changed intrinsically with huge freedom and sustainability. Her approach across all areas and levels has led to a profound change in my business success and results. This has occurred through becoming aware of my personal limitations and translating this through some excellent strategies from Linda to my work environment. Challenging but so incredibly simple! Caroline

" Not the usual type of business coaching"

Linda is a true professional! Through working with Linda I have gained clarity and a whole new approach to my business and also elements of my personal life. This is not the usual type of business coaching/mentoring - what Linda does is truly unique, refreshingly enjoyable and positive in a way that will open up doors to new opportunities not only for my business, but for developing positive relationships with colleagues, family and friends. Thank you so much Linda. Alisa

"Your insight into inner work is invaluable to business owners"

Wow Linda Conyard from Rainbow Atma presented us with some very real, very raw and real much a point that business owners are in denial with. What a fantastic presentation to engage a thought process so many leave out of their successes or business building priorities. Thank you for reminding us to bring these wonderful thoughts and emotions to the forefront of day to day running of business. Your vulnerability to express your own personal journey during this presentation was so relative to all of us and the persistence to work on ourselves daily to be taken very seriously. You were a pleasure to listen to and your insight into inner work is invaluable to business owners. Thank you. Donna

"Necessity of performing Inner Work if we are to succeed as entrepreneurs"

This morning's Chamber breakfast gave members and guests something to think about as they went off to their respective businesses. Linda Conyard informed us all of the benefits and necessity of performing Inner Work if we are to succeed as entrepreneurs- by removing blockages and focussing on intention to succeed. Thank you Linda for an incredibly important discussion about taking care of business for ourselves and how this will positively impact our businesses. The Hills Chamber of Commerce.



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